Catherine and Grant celebrated their day in grand garden party style with a stunning marquee.

Friends first, Catherine Ross and Grant Cameron, both from Coleraine, new each other for about year before Grant plucked up the courage to ask Catherine out on a date one night in 2006. A match made in heaven, the pair soon became smitten and inseparable.

The weekend they got engaged, Catherine was totally unsuspecting. Grant, a big fan of all things Titanic, suggested they go visit the newly opened Titanic Museum and do a bit of shopping. Spending more time shopping, they missed the museum but Grant suggested they stay overnight and try the next day instead. He had just managed to make a hotel reservation.

Catherine was soon surprised and delighted to discover he had booked them into The Merchant Hotel, a place she had always wanted to stay at. Thrilled beyond belief with their accommodation, they soon dressed up and went down for dinner, stopping in the Champagne Lounge for some pre-dinner drinks. Catherine got more than a glassful when Grant proposed to her in the dimly lit and very romantic surrounds, presenting her with a stunning art deco style diamond and white gold engagement ring he had specially made for her. Shocked beyond words, Catherine was soon swept away in the magic of the moment and couldn’t wait to share their happy news with their friends and family.

Planning a summer wedding, they wanted a theme that celebrated the sunny season, so planned for a marquee reception within a walled garden for maximum effect. Wanting very much a relaxed day filled with fun and games, they worked tirelessly to look for special decorations and party favours, from auctions and car boot sales, to charity shops and websites. Catherine and her family even worked at making decorations for the wedding for nearly two years at the weekends, while Grant and his brother created unique decorations for the reception. When it all came together on Saturday 31st May 2014 it was well worth the effort.

Though their day was magic from start to finish, Catherine admits her favourite moment was ‘definitely walking up the aisle to join Grant, it was everything I had imagined it would be, when I saw him at the top of the aisle, I couldn’t stop smiling.’

Both big fans of historical buildings and architecture, the newlyweds enjoyed a home-based honeymoon, taking in a variety of National Trust properties throughout Northern Ireland.

Photography by Ten21 Photography, Belfast