If we had a pound for every couple who ever said ‘We haven’t set budget, but we won’t spend over X amount of pounds,’ we’d be very rich, and those couples would be very in debt! Yes, addressing the wedding budget is not a romantic part of your plans but neither is the reality of letting your heart rule your head and spending far beyond your means! Setting a wedding budget is a must-do, and the best bit is, you won’t even have to compromise on your dream day with our helpful tips!

In a recent survey from You & Your Wedding couples in the UK spend on average over £20,500 on their dream day, that is a staggering amount of your hard earned pounds on one event, but in our opinion, totally worth it!

Does money grow on trees?

There are no hard and fast rules on how much you should spend your budget. The important thing to remember is to spend only what you can afford. You and your fiancé should stay grounded and be realistic when deciding how you are going to pay for your wedding. Many couples choose to save money for a few years before the wedding; the benefit of this is that when your wedding is over, everything is paid for. Others choose to take out a bank loan, the downside to this are the obvious monthly payments long after your wedding is over. However you decide to pay it is also important to discuss your plans with your parents, as they may want to make financial contributions. If they do, make sure you know exactly what they want to pay for and how much money they are willing to spend.

The big list

Once you have decided on your budget and how you plan to pay for it, you should draw up a list of everything you will need for your dream day. From the dress to stationery, flowers to favours, all elements should be considered. Estimate how much you expect to pay for each item on your list and then start shopping around. Now may be the time when you have to make certain sacrifices- if you discover the budget is already starting to creep up think about everything you want. Are there any elements you could do without or scale down?

Ten Tips To Keep Your Budget In Check


Are there any elements of the day you can DIY? This should save on the overall budget, but do remember to be realistic with your time, and how much you spend on tools.


The ‘peak’ season for weddings is between May and October. If you have set your date between these months remember that the majority of other brides will also be looking for photographers, reception venues and florists around then which will naturally make prices higher. If you choose to wed ‘out of season’ prices will reflect this.


Keep track of everything you spend by keeping receipts, and jotting all spending down in a traditional wedding planner, or in a spreadsheet. I might even want to open a ‘wedding’ bank account to your spending and savings can run easily from there.


Don’t be too proud to ask friends and family for help. You may have a family member who is a great singer or can play a musical instrument. Why not ask them to perform during the ceremony; this will add a very personal touch to the day.


Choose flowers that are in season and remember intricate wired bouquets will be more expensive- it’s not just the flowers you are paying for, it’s the florists time as well.


With the rise in popularity of dessert tables for wedding cakes, why no skip the venues dessert and serve your table buffet style instead.


Be realistic with your guest list. Ask your parents advice on who you should invite. You don’t have to invite long lost cousins especially if the last time you saw them you were three years old! If conscience gets the better off you, invite them to the evening party.


Hold off on your honeymoon for another six months, or even until your first anniversary. It will save you money and give you something to look forward to.


Instead of serving Champagne for your toast why not enquire about mulled wine or a signature cocktail, they might be a cheaper, yet just as chic, alternative.

TIP 10

Shop wisely. There are so many websites and Facebook groups with married couple selling everything from candelabras to wedding gowns. If you really want to save why not have a look around, you never know what you might find!

Finally, don’t let yourself become obsessed with money. Your wedding should not be judged on how much you have or haven’t spent, it should be a celebration and the start of a happy and hopefully debt-free life together with your new husband.