Congratulations on your engagement!

If you’re reading this, it probably means you’ve started to plan your wedding and are thinking about dates and venues.

Inclusive and welcoming ceremony

If you’d like a non-religious ceremony that’s inclusive and welcoming to all, a humanist wedding is the perfect choice for you.

Humanists are non-religious people who focus on making the most of the one life we have, treating others with warmth, respect, and compassion. Our ceremonies reflect that in being inclusive of everyone and focused on the beliefs and values of our couples.

Telling your love story

Your humanist celebrant will get to know you before the wedding and help create a bespoke, individually-crafted script which focuses entirely on your love story. Each ceremony is as unique as the couples we marry.

Location, location

If your ceremony is conducted by an accredited Humanist Ceremonies celebrant, it doesn’t have to be held at a licensed venue. With a humanist wedding in Northern Ireland, you can have your ceremony in the location of your choosing, because our celebrants can conduct legally recognised weddings anywhere.

You can get married at home, on a beach, or in a woodland glade. We’ve married couples everywhere from Dunluce Castle to Tollymore Forest Park and from Gleno Waterfall to Rathlin Island: the choice is yours!

Why choose a Humanist Ceremonies celebrant?

We’re the most experienced network of professional celebrants in the world. Our celebrants are trained by Humanists UK and we’ve been conducting award-winning, inclusive, love-filled weddings since the 1890s. Our training, mentoring, support, and ongoing development opportunities for celebrants are second to none.

We support marriage equality, and all our celebrants are proud to conduct opposite sex and same-sex weddings, and civil ceremony conversions (which are also legally recognised in Northern Ireland).

Find your local celebrant

We have over 30 humanist wedding celebrants in Northern Ireland.


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